Thursday, May 10, 2012

Habitco Day Maker: The Charging iPhone Alarm Toaster

Assuming you already have an automated coffee maker that starts your brew every morning, Habitco Day Maker is looking to augment your morning routine with this truly unique Charging iPhone Alarm Toaster. And no, it doesn’t ready a few slices of toast for you to go with that coffee (you’ll need a significant other for that.) Designed as an iPhone charging station, the sounding of the iPhone’s alarm prompts the phone to be delicately ejected from the Toaster just like a piece of toast at breakfast. And a much simpler alternative than fumbling with your touchscreen while still half-asleep, you can simply push the phone back into the toaster should you so choose to ‘snooze’ for a few extra minutes. Habitco thinks they’re on to the next big bedside accessory — you can join their Kickstarter campaign and donate here.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SWYP – MIT Developed Technology for Moving Files Across Devices With a Swipe

We may be still a few years away from a Minority Report-esque reality where all of our computing is controlled through grandiose gestures from outstretched arms. But after seeing the Massachusetts Institute of Technology media lab-developed SWYP technology, that reality might be closer than we think. The open-sourced software essentially facilitates cross-application and cross-device data exchange through intuitive swipe gestures. Interestingly enough, the hardware being used (in this case, an iPhone and an iPad) weren’t hacked or altered in any way — SWYP takes advantage of the user’s existing wifi networks, Facebook and Gmail accounts, and associates that information with a simple, real-time gesture to transfer the desired data from device to device. Check out this video demonstration to see SWYP in action.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry has undoubtedly lost a lot of users to the iPhone and Android smart phones, it was once a staple for business men and university students, but it looks like they’re making an effort to catch up with the BlackBerry 10. It appears as if they’ve taken a large step forward in doing so. Take a sneak peak at the device in this video as it gives an idea into what will be next from the platform.