Friday, March 30, 2012

Paper by FiftyThree

Sometimes the best ideas are those scrawled on bar napkins, receipts, scraps of paper, or faithful notebooks. FiftyThree design studio has set out to create an elegant, and convenient medium that encapsulates the rush of creativity in those epiphanous moments, through their new iPad App. But unlike a piece of paper that gets lost in a pocket, you can use this app to share your ideas and creations across the web. This will show to be the ultimate app for the tech-wise university student. And best of all, you can get “Paper by FiftyThree” for free from the Apple app store.


  1. Wow, excellent idea and application, must get it for my new iPad!

  2. Wish they had something like this for my tablet :S

  3. Creativity of some people makes me look like: