Friday, April 13, 2012

QLOCKTWO W - Time in Words

At the recent Baselworld watch and jewelry show in Basel, Switzerland, Biegert & Funk unveiled their QLOCKTWO W watch. This new wristwatch is the world’s first watch to tell time in words. For instance if it is 9:30, the watch will read: Is is a half past nine. The square watch face has 110 characters all placed neatly into a grid and when you press the stainless steel button on the side, the words light up to tell you what time it is. The watch will be dropping in Autumn of this year and it will be available in stainless steel and black. Also, the watch will be available in both the English and German languages, and it will cost approximately 550 Euros. If you are interested in the watch, check out the Biegert & Funk site.


  1. Definitely my kinda thing. 550 Euro isn't an insane price either, but a little out of my league.

  2. That looks a little complicated to be quite honest. If you can read it though, it's neat.

  3. I take it there's no stopwatch function?